CNN School of Thought blog: 6 Ways to Retain Great Teachers

(Here is the first part of a post I wrote that recently published on CNN’s School of Thought blog. I was thrilled they contacted me to write an article about teacher retention based on the research for my book, Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus.)

A big part of the national conversation about education is how to attract the best and brightest teachers to the profession. It is a favorite line of many a politician. While that is well and good, it seems that many policy makers and education experts are missing the point: how to keep good teachers in our nation’s classrooms once they are actually there.

With about one-third of our teachers leaving the profession in their first three years, and even higher turnover rates in some urban areas, this is a pressing issue in American education that isn’t getting much attention.

We have an anti-teacher climate that has only worsened since I wrote the book “Why Great Teachers Quit and How we Might Stop the Exodus.” Based on my interviews of teachers nationwide, I learned firsthand why teachers are quitting the profession in droves, and personally, I saw it happen to my friend and mentee.

Read the rest at CNN’s School of Thought blog.

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