Go Green, Get Fit Challenge (week 2): Heading Off Road

It’s been a mixed bag for exercise this week, based on the heat, my husand’s work schedule, and of course, the kid’s activities.  For the first time, however, I experienced the joy of a few hours to myself each day that the girls were in camp.  This so rarely happens that my mind becomes frantic with all the many thing that could be done with a couple hours of independence.

I discovered that it is A LOT easier to eat breakfast when someone else makes it!  Hot, ready, and tasty, not early in the a.m. but perfectly around nine.  Eating breakfast everyday is one of my goals for the challenge– and it is a hard one for me.  Getting kids (and myself) ready to get out the door, with all the stuff they need for the day’s activities, who has time to chew anything?

So I treated myself to a few bagels and a tasty crepe with a girlfriend this week.  Truly lovely.  So, breakfast, check.  Hard on the pocketbook, perfect for my breakfast aversion.

Next up was running and yoga. I did a few shorter runs this week, and had the time to do an 8 and a 1/2 miler loop of the most beautiful Vermont dirt roads.  I felt strong and so, so happy to have the opportunity to do it.  Then later, of course, I was very sore.  During that run I was on a particularly rocky section of dirt road and I ate it, full on, and caught my body with my hands. In that moment I realized I need to practice running on trails if I am going to survive the Vermont 50 mile relay I hope to complete this September with friends.  I’ll be researching trail running tips and sharing them here.  I’d love to hear if you have any tips for me as I head to the trail for more varied and challenging runs.

I did some yoga after a short run that focused on my arms.  This one from Yoga Journal. I love the mellow and thoughtful style of the instructor, Jason Crandell.  This one leaves your arms burning and your whole self invigorated.

Speaking of challenging, the camps are over, and for the last two days I have not been able to fit in any running. It was a super hot day here, even in Vermont, and not one inch of me feels like doing yoga or going down to the basement treadmill.

How have you managed the heat?

image:  http://hub.sierratradingpost.com/blogs/agardner/trail-runner-mag-cross-training-diet-strategies-188/

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