Why Great Teachers Quit

Why Great Teachers Quit and What we Can Do to Stop the Exodus

Learn why today’s best teachers are leaving―from the teachers themselves

More talented teachers are leaving the profession than ever before. Drawing on in-depth interviews, Farber presents an in-the-trenches view of the classroom exodus and how schools can turn the tide, focusing on:

  • Challenges to teacher endurance, including tight budgets, difficult parents, unsafe schools, inadequate pay, and lack of respect
  • Strategies veteran teachers use to make sure the joys of teaching outweigh the frustrations
  • Success stories from individual schools and districts that have found solutions to these challenges
  • Recommendations for creating a school environment that fosters teacher retention


“In this lively and interesting book, Katy Farber makes public the real reasons why inexperienced teachers rarely stay long enough or get the support they need to become good, why good teachers don t become great, and why great teachers quit.” –Deborah Meier, Educational Reformer, Writer, and Activist

“A timely book about a major crisis affecting our schools and real solutions to keep our best teachers in the classroom.” –Anthony J. Mullen, 2009 National Teacher of the Year

“This book is for every parent who has had their child s teacher leave in the middle of the year, every administrator who marvels at the difficulty of teacher retention or team spirit, every policy maker ready to walk the walk, and anyone who has invested years in preparation for a career in the classroom only to be faced with the thought of cutting his or her losses.” –Esme Raji Codell, Author of Educating Esme

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