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Hello, dear readers out there.  The ones who post comments, and the ones who do not.  I am so happy you take time in your busy schedule to visit Non-Toxic Kids.

I have created a place for you all to carry on the conversations started here, or to start new ones, and to feel the support and guidance of a collective group of parents.  I was looking for a way for readers to connect, discuss, and share beyond comments, and I hope I have found it!

When you click over to the community page, you will now see where you can enter the conversation.  You have to log in with BlogFrog (you can use Facebook or Twitter), a group that helps blogs build community.  Once you have created a profile (don’t worry, it’s not hard and you don’t have to reveal anything you don’t want to), you can start posting questions, participating in live discussions, and responding to comments.
Please (pretty please?) come on over and check it out.  Post any feedback you have here or over in the community.  Infinitely bright readers, I know you have lots to share.  I can’t wait to read your thoughts and learn from you.

image:  by xlordashx on Flickr under CC

PS- I love this picture but wish it had some women from a variety of races and cultures too.

3 thoughts on “Join the Non-Toxic Kids Community

  1. Allison W. King

    Hey Kathy! I’m just getting into the chemical free thing and was looking for a straw that I can use because the pure essential oils I stumbled onto a few months ago desolve petro chemicals and I love drinking with a straw! It lead me here. I love your site and will be sharing it for sure. I’m in my first attempt to create a site so I may be comming back to ask a question or two. I’m officially into “voodoo” medicine now lolol! At least that’s what I thought essential oils were. I don’t anymore. The first CPTG grade (medicinal quality) and they have healed my adrenals, dissolved an ugly mole, wiped out strep in 5 hours, and 4 flu bugs in 2 hours each and that’s just my experiences My site isn’t up yet but you can check them out a but don’t buy them off there it’s retail, I can tell you how to get them wholesale.
    Im headed back East to teach a ‘Medicine Cabinet’ makeover I’ve just trained for. Im so stoked to teach people how to get big pharm out of their lives that I’m about to pop! Feel free to email, I’d love to send you one of the mags. that explain how to make all natural cleaning product that can kill even MRSA. No Lie! Look up on Pubmed ‘OnGuard vs MRSA’
    This stuff kills H1N1 and swine flu too.
    And you’ll love this 3 minute video. It’ll bring tears to your eyes! Finally real natural cures!!!!
    Frankincense vs Seizures Have an Awesome Chem-Free Day Kathy!:D

  2. Cecilia Chen

    Hi Katy!
    I’m a student enrolled in graphic design program. I was searching for a photo of women as community on Google, and your main page photo came up. I love it! And I would love to use it for my current project.

    The project is on making a promotional flyer for a business/service we have in mind.

    May I use your photo for this project’s purpose? I will credit your name, and send you the final work. Please let me know.

    Thank you!

    And your website is pretty cute and amazing, nice little gem discovery for me.

    Cecilia Chen.

    1. Katy Post author

      Hi Cecilia!

      Glad to hear from you. I think I used that photo from Flickr under Creative Commons. There should be an attribute at the bottom of the link. Try searching women’s community on Flickr and see what you get. I don’t have permission to give you permission to use it, sorry!

      Best of luck, and thanks for stopping by!



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