Support local economies, save the earth, and eat healthy: Take the No Chain Challenge

Driving from New England to the mid-Atlantic states with two young children is fraught with challenges.  One of them is that you have to deal with the New York Thruway, and the

Northway where the only places to stop are the highway rest areas with a few fast food choices at each.  At least they moved from a Bob’s Big Boy to a Quizzno’s and Sbarro, but still.  The choices are bleak for someone trying to travel green and healthy.

I try to pack.  But packing three meals for a 10 hour driving day, and all the stuff the kids need for the trip, and everything I need– well, it is overwhelming for someone who despises packing as much as I do.  And we have some challenges such as one severe nut allergy, 3 vegetarians, and a guy who would love to eat sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches everyday.

But what happens when we stop for food on the road, from chain fast food restuarants, or even “healthy” fast food? This kind of eating has consequences:

In short, eating at most chain restaurants is unhealthy for us and bad for the earth.  It also sends massive amounts of our hard earned money out of our communities to multi-national corporations.

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