Go Green, Get Fit Challenge: Lessons from the Trail


As part of the Go Green, Get Fit Challenge with the EcoMom Alliance, I’ve taken to the trail. I’ve been running on roads for years. The trail gives an added challenge, and a new direction in the sport I love so much. So far, I’ve hit the trails on several runs, and here is I have learned so far.


1.  You will not go as far as you are used to. It will take longer. Don’t be demoralized!

I usually run between 3-6 miles on the roads, and when I run for an hour, I expect to go 6-7 miles or more. Not trail running!  With the extreme hills, bumpy footing, and navigation, trail running is much slower. I have gone on runs for an hour with my Garmin watch totaling my miles, which came out at 4 miles total. This made my 12 mile trail race goal feel like more than a marathon. I’ll keep working on it, but for the time being I know that I will simply be a bit slower and not go as far as I expected on the trail. And that is okay. For a runner used to logging a certain number of miles, this is easier said than done.


2. You will fall!  

This has happened to me on several occasions. Usually its when I have spaced out, deep in thought, then before I know it, splat! Down in the mud. Talk about a physical reminder to be mindful and present! Trail running (like yoga) demands this. It takes mental training to pull your mind into focus on the trail in front of you, looking where you want to go (not where you don’t want to go). I am working on this.


3. You have to pay attention more.

 Many times when I am running I simply slog along, deep in thought, paying almost no attention to where I am going. Not with trail running!  You have to plan out your route, and follow it or you might end up in the middle of Timbuktu.  If you do an out and back, or wing it, you must pay attention to every trail, and every turn off so you keep track of where you are. I spent several minutes at signs recently, figuring out where I was and where I was headed. While this interrupts the run, it is time well spent if you want to make it home for dinner.


4.  You will be sore. 

A road runner is used to the even road surface. Trail running supplies none of this.  A constantly changing surface, trail running holds uneven terrain, from hard rock to sand, to deep mud. I was surprised that after a 4 mile run (which I do all the time) I was sore. The shorter steps, the quick moves, and the uneven terrain made my hamstrings and calves more sore than I expected.


5. Get some good trail shoes. 

I was lucky enough to receive a sweet new pair of Solomon XR Crossmax Guidance trail shoes from Planet Shoes for this challenge. They are so much better than my road shoes for trails.


I overpronate excessively and need stability running shoes most of the time. But these light and cushy rides are perfect for hitting the trail. They have a much lower profile which protects the ankles. The tread is aggressive and sticks to rocks, logs and other slippery surfaces. These trail shoes have a light, water resistant exterior, and laces you can pull tight and tuck in.  They have a bit higher sides to keep out rocks and dirt. This takes a bit to get used to but is very helpful. These shoes are super cushy compared to my firm stability trainers. I didn’t want to take them off!  I can see hiking in them too.


I have read these kinds of tips a thousand times but nothing drives home lessons like hard earned experience. Go out on the trails, and see if these tips help, and share your own here! I’d love to hear about your experience trail running.


image: seeannarun on Flickr under CC 

13 thoughts on “Go Green, Get Fit Challenge: Lessons from the Trail

  1. Victoria @ Green Plate Rule

    I started trail running a couple months ago and LOVE it! I find it so much more relaxing and enjoyable than the road. It’s nice to take away the focus on from pace and distance and just enjoy the scenery and fresh air! So glad you enjoy it too!

    1. Katy Post author

      Thanks Victoria! It is really great. The feeling of calm is so much better on the trail. Do you have any tips for me and our readers? I’d love to hear them! Thanks again for commenting.

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  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for the tips on trail running! I live in beautiful western Washington and we have an abundance of trails in this area that are perfect for running. Your post has inspired me to get out there and enjoy nature while the weather is decent!

    1. Katy Post author

      You are so welcome, Jennifer. I am glad it was inspiring! Go enjoy those trails while you can. Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate hearing from you.

  4. Rebecca M.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration I used to trail run all the time before I had kids and moved to a different part of the state. Now I am going to try and find a place to run where I am now. You reminded me of how much I used to love it! 🙂

  5. Amy Butler

    Hi Katy! Love this post and I wanted to tell you that I am huge advocate for trail running and for children walking, running, climbing, scampering, crawling, sliding,..etc. through the woods! Did you know that we are having a trail race here at NBNC on October 13th? Free for kids and all proceeds go to NBNC. Yeah!
    COntact us here for more info,…

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