Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents available now on Kindle!



Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents based on all that I have learned while blogging, researching, cooking, and parenting. It’s a guide for busy parents looking to limit their family’s exposure to chemicals and toxins in food and feeding gear. The manual is packed with practical and quick tips for parents, recipes, where to go for more information, and Cliff Notes for the most sleep deprived among us.


After BPA was banned in baby bottles and cups for children 2012 by the FDA (finally!), I wanted to update the information to include this and the latest research about the use of plastics in baby bottles, cups, and waterbottles. I also wanted to make sure all the links, research, and resources were up to date.


And then all of a sudden, I had a newly updated edition of the ebook! I uploaded it to Kindle and now it is on sale at Amazon. Already its gotten some wonderful reviews (thank you readers!).


If you have a Kindle, or an ipad (with the Kindle app) you can have the book delivered to you in less than a minute for 3.99. It is easy and fast!

3 thoughts on “Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents available now on Kindle!

  1. Phyllis Marks

    Is your book, Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents, only available as a ebook, or can book lovers get this as a paperback or hardback? I’ve been searching for it everywhere, but can only find it as an ebook. I’d love to have a copy of this book, but I refuse to use ebooks no matter what the enticement. Thanks for your help.

  2. Katy Post author

    Hi Phyllis! Thanks so much for your comment. Right now it is only published as an ebook. I’m sorry! I will look into if I can create a print version for you somehow. Thanks again and I will let you know if I find a good option.

  3. Josie

    I just read that EPA is saying they are going to let cities and towns continue to put water meters into our homes that are made of leaded-brass and they are asking the public what we think. Huh? Are you serious? I think it’s time to get some finger exercise. It’s number 16 on this epa website. Unbelieveable.


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