15 Must Read Books on Education in the U.S.


I’m so thrilled to have my book, Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus chosen for the Christian Science Monitor’s list of 15 Must Read Books on Education.


I have wonderful company…one of my heros, Jonathan Kozol, and other well known education writers and leaders such as Diane Ravich. I’m pleased to see several new voices on the list as well.


Thanks to the Christian Science Monitor for including the voices of real, practicing teachers who have an in the trenches perspective that is much needed in the national conversation about teaching.  Just yesterday, I led a workshop for teachers in New Hampshire and they voiced many of the themes in the book. All of them admitted to extreme frustration with the direction of teaching and education, and eagerly discussed possible solutions. These are the kind of voices we need at the policy making level.

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  1. Isa Tirado

    Dear Katy Farber,

    My boss and I read your book “Why great teachers quit”. We would like to send you an invitation to participate as a speaker in a convention for language teachers, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Is there an email address where we could contact you?

    Best wishes,

    Isa Tirado


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