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New Review on Goodreads

I was excited to see this pop up from fellow author Eric Andreas. He wrote (which I am avidly reading) Origins Rising, a post apocalyptic, futuristic thriller with humans that evolve with different skills sets–flying, running, and swimming and a whole bunch of new and scary animals that evolved with them. He posted this review of The Order of the Trees on Goodreads:

My review below includes a couple of plot points that could be considered spoilers. But if you’re a parent of a middle schooler looking for a helpful review of this wonderful book, read on.

When a couple finds a baby girl abandoned in the woods at the foot of a tall cedar tree, they don’t know what to make of it. Who would leave a babe in the woods? The trees know . . . but they can’t say. The couple adopt the girl and name her Cedar, after the tree where she was found. They know she’s special, just not how special. The kids in school make fun of Cedar because she’s different, but she’s able to spark up a friendship with another outcast named Phillip. Cedar opens up to her new friend and asks him to join her club—The Order of the Trees. Phillip quickly realizes that he and Cedar are the only human members; the other members are the trees and the animals in the woods where Cedar was found. But Phillip doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s cool. And it is! Cedar teaches him about the trees and animals and how special they are; it’s like she’s connected to the trees, feels what they feel, knows what they know. Does she? One day, Cedar and Phillip notice orange tape tied to all the trees in Cedar’s woods, and they learn that the land is going to be cleared for development. At once Cedar falls deathly ill. Nobody knows what’s wrong with her—but Phillip does. The problem is, he’s sure no one will believe him. What follows is some great derring-do by two kids determined to do the right thing.

Farber’s The Order Of The Trees is a enjoyable eco-adventure for middle schoolers. The author puts a loving touch on this book, and her writing is clear and crisp. Any middle schooler should be able to read this with no trouble, but at the same time won’t feel like it’s a “kiddy” book. The characters are also genuine, not stiff, and easily relatable. It was a joy to read and is a must have for any young nature lover in your family.

-Eric Andreas (author of Origins Rising)

I am so thankful for this review! Please join me on Goodreads so we can share great books.  You can find The Order of the Trees on Amazon to pre-order before the May 1, 2015 publication date.