My tribe: dedicated to all the teachers



We are about to embark on the new school year. Teachers everywhere are a little anxious. We know that when it starts, there is no going back and we are IN IT. We put our heart and souls into our work of caring for kids– their bodies, minds, spirits, and potentials. Here is a tribute to all the teachers out there. We are a tribe marching, holding each other up, and doing our best to help kids everyday, no matter what.

my tribe is different
they wear soft clothing
and comfortable shoes
they live love
they think children
are more important than
they stop and listen
to a 6 year old
telling about their elaborate
fairy village
they search for tadpoles
in a pond
they listen patiently
to early readers
struggle with every. single. word.
they honor books
they teach selflessness
acts of beauty
and the golden rule
they stop cold
drop everything
to help a child face
what they shouldn’t
have to
fear, violence, isolation
they fight ignorance
with love
smiles, and a white board
they fall
people throw stones
they don’t see what I do
they don’t see people
holding back the tsunami
with kindness and a glue stick
they don’t see
sleepless nights
late night calls
the fears of the world
they carry on their shoulders
no one else sees this
I do.

I see love all around me
standing on a stage
prepping in the kitchen
floating in songs
dancing across paintings
perched in the trees
in the pages of a book
cozy on a beanbag
in hushed, hallway

my tribe sometimes dances
into the night
celebrating each other
when most of the world
could care less.

when it is dark
remember your tribe
they are there with you
even though
you can’t see them.
Doing the same sacred work
caring for the world’s children.

The time for sacred work is here.
It matters. You matter.
We lift each other up.
Walk on, tribe.
Go, live love.
The world needs you.

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