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New Post on Practically Green: Artificial Food Coloring and Kids

A few months ago, the FDA was considering putting warning labels on all foods containing artificial colorings.

Just the fact that they were considering this should give parents pause.  It certainly did for me!

The FDA did this because studies have shown when parents removed all food containing artificial coloring from their children’s diet, the behavior of their children improved.  These studies focused on children with behavior challenges and disabilities.  Some studies even show behavioral changes in typical children.

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Waiting for the Mail

She sits in a folding chair

two feet from the mailbox

facing it


she’s waiting for the mail.

Waiting with great anticipation

bursting in her teenage body

for freedom she craves

a world beyond what she knows

of her family

her small town

her small existence.

She’s waiting

for life to begin

for another way

for someone, anywhere.

She sits, staring

two feet from the mailbox

looking down the dusty dirt road

eyes full, locked, ready

waiting for the mail

waiting for her world to



image: by pocius

New Interview on Education Talk Radio

Here’s an interview I did today with Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio. He’s a lively interviewer  and it is pretty amazing to hear how we got from teaching, to big macs, Vermont traffic, and back again to teaching.

We discussed my book Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus, published by Corwin Press, and obviously, other things as well!

image:  Fernando Candeias on Flickr