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The Order of the Trees by Katy Farber or find it at your local, independent bookstore (best choice!)

Found as a baby, on a bed of moss under an old growth tree, Cedar’s beginning was a mystery. As she began her sixth grade year, Cedar resembled her namesake with her wild mane of brown hair, her sinewy body, and deer-like eyes. She makes her first true friend, a new student, Phillip, with whom she shares her special woodland spot along with the gifts
it brings.

When Cedar falls suddenly ill, Phillip discovers that her health is connected to the fate of the forest where she was found. Their special woods are threatened by an impending development, so they create a plan to save it which includes a hospital, a getaway car, and a protest.

“With sensitivity and passion, Katy Farber creates a world of fascinating characters whose respect for the natural world and loyalty to one another will inspire readers of all ages. I was hooked from the first page and could not but it down!”

—Rita Murphy, author of Night Flying

Change the World with Service Learning: How to Organize, Lead, and Assess Service Learning Projects by Katy Farber  or find it at your local, independent bookstore (best choice!)
Be the Change you wish to see in the world.”  — Ghandi
In this book published by Rowman Littlefield Press in 2010, Katy Farber gives teachers a step by step way to begin the relevant and meaningful work of leading service learning projects with students.

This book guides teachers from all content areas and grade levels to create outstanding Service Learning projects with students like no other book does. Change the World with Service Learning is a no-fluff, step-by-step, teacher-to-teacher description of how to create, plan, teach, and celebrate Service Learning projects that meet and exceed local, district, and national curricular expectations.

Why Great Teachers Quit And How We Might Stop the Exodus by Katy Farber or find it at your local, independent bookstore (best choice!)

34075_Farber_Why_Teachers_Quit_72ppLow pay, increased responsibilities, and high-stakes standardized testing—these are just some of the reasons why more talented teachers are leaving the profession than ever before. Drawing on in-depth interviews with teachers all over the country, Katy Farber presents an in-the-trenches view of the classroom exodus and uncovers ways that schools can turn the tide.

 “In this lively and interesting book, Katy Farber makes public the real reasons why inexperienced teachers rarely stay long enough or get the support they need to become good, why good teachers don’t become great, and why great teachers quit.”

 —Deborah Meier, Educational Reformer, Writer, and Activist

Why Great Teachers Quit was just listed as a “Top 15 Must Read Books on Education in the U.S.” by the Christian Science Monitor.