Fighting Teacher Anxiety in Project Based Learning: edudoodle series

pbl-fearsIn my new role as a professional development coordinator I have been busy planning and writing about project based learning, proficiencies and personalized learning plans. On a regular basis my brain is full to bursting with new research, teacher ideas, education articles, and more.  So lately I’ve turned to illustrating concepts and ideas with sketches and doodles, kind of like in high school and college. I never really did stop doodling. This time, it helps me communicate information in a different way and improves my synthesis of information. So, I’ll be posting my new #edudoodles here in this new series.

Project based learning (PBL) can be pretty scary at first. A teacher’s role shifts so dramatically. But it doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming. It takes a shift in thinking and seeing teaching, school and learning. With planning, teaching and modeling expectations, utilizing school resources, and shifting roles to include everyone at school, PBL becomes more doable. And it engages students in a clear purpose for learning, what we are all after. So, SHIFT. With the doodle. I’d love to hear what you think.


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