3 New books to inspire a love of reading and nature (grades K-8)


image: Julie Falk on Flickr under CC

First posted at Momsrising.org

How can parents motivate kids to get outside and read this summer? We know that students can lose about a half to a full year of reading skills and comprehension over the summer, and that too many kids are staying inside on devices or screens. Summer is the perfect time for books that inspire kids to get outside and explore the nature around them.

Here are books of a wide range of student ages to jump start young readers and motivate them to develop a love of nature and the environment.

  1. Grades K-2: Treasure Town by Doug Wilhelm. This rollicking early reader is sure to engage your K-2 grade child. About buried treasure, pirates, maps and a giant boat? Yes please! The illustrations are delightful, engaging and humorous and the text is lively, exciting and fun. If you have a reluctant reader– or any young reader– they are sure to enjoy this book. I like that they feature the stories of female pirates as well– fighting sexism. These characters get outside and find adventure there. Continue reading

New Youtube video: The Order of the Trees Launch

While the audio is not super high quality, here is part of the official Vermont launch of The Order of the Trees on May 1st, 2015. I was so lucky to have over 50 Middlesex community members (including many K-8 students!) in the audience on this fine day. You can get a sense of the story and what The Order of the Trees actually is.

Please let me know what you think and feel free to share this video to spread the word about the power of friendship, the importance of forests, and how kids can make a difference in their own communities.